Proposed Memorial

There will be an important update on the proposed memorial soon.

The Artist

The artist, whose design was chosen to be built on Deer Island, is Ted Clausen. Mr. Clausen is a talented artist who has many works to his credit; most notably, the Vendome Firefighter's Memorial. Mr. Clausen has committed to "telling this important story in an important way".



The design consists of a 28-foot granite twin-faced Celtic cross with the names of all 850 men, women, and children who perished on the island during An Gorta Mor engraved in an Irish interlace pattern. The cross will be outlined in stainless steel, which will serve to reflect the ambient light. In addition, there will be 32 standing stones, one from each county of Ireland, leading up to, surrounding the cross, and heading away from the cross. Each standing stone will be engraved with quotations telling the story of the events of that period to help educate us about that perilous time.