Author Shelf        Title
Eneclann R-! The Irish Genealogist - Volumes 1-8, 1937-1993 - CD
Ancestry R-1 Ancestry Reference Library - CD
Ball R-1 The Judges in Ireland 1221-1921 - Two Volumes, 1926 CD
Burke R-1 Landed Gentry of Ireland 1899 CD
Burtchaell R-1 Alumni Dublinenses, 1st Edition 1924 CD
Cantwell R-1 Brian J. Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead - The Collected Works - CD  -  Irish Memorial Inscriptions, Vol 2
Cantwell R-1 Memorials Of The Dead - Counties Galway & Mayo (Western Seaboard) - CD  Irish Memorial Inscriptions, Vol 1
Dalton R-1 Irish Army Lists, 1661 - 1685 CD
Eneclann R-1 Census of Ireland 1871 - County Galway CD
Eneclann R-1 Hernry & Coghlan's General Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867 - CD
Eneclann R-1 Index Irish Wills 1484 - 1858 CD
Eneclann R-1 Medical Directory for Ireland (1852) - CD
Eneclann R-1 Sinn Fein and Republican Suspects 1899 - 1921  - Dublin Castle Special Branch Files - CD
Eneclann R-1 Statistical Survey of the County of Cork (1810) - CD
Eneclann R-1 The 1798 Rebellion:  Claimants and Surrenders - CD
Eneclann R-1 The Agricultural Labourer Volume 4, Part 1  -  The Royal Commission on Labour, 1893 CD
Eneclann R-1 The Agricultural Labourer Volume 4, Part 2  -  The Royal Commission on Labour, 1893 CD
Eneclann R-1 The Agricultural Labourer Volume 4, Part 3  -  The Royal Commission on Labour, 1893 CD
Eneclann R-1 The Agricultural Labourer Volume 4, Part 4  -  The Royal Commission on Labour, 1893 CD
Eneclann R-1 The Ancient and Present State of the County and City of Cork - 1774  -  Two Volumes - CD
Eneclann R-1 The Irish Ancestor 1969 - 1986  -  CD
Eneclann R-1 World War 1 Irish Soldiers - Their Final Testament - CD
Eneclann R-1 1831 Tithe Defaulters CD
Eneclann R-1 1851 Dublin City Census CD
Eneclann R-1 Census Index : Ireland 1831- 1841 CD  (Lononderry & Cavan only)
Eneclann R-1 Counties in Time - Documents & Commentaries from the National Archives of Ireland CD
Grenham R-1 Grenham's Surname Index CD
Griffith R-1 Griffith's Valuation 1848 - 1864 CD
Guy R-1 Guy's Postal Directory of the Province of Munster, 1893 - CD
Hanna R-1 The Scotch-Irish 1902 CD
Hickson R-1 Selections from Old Kerry Records - Two Volumes, 1872-74 CD
Lawler R-1 The 1848 Petitions - The William Smith O'Brien Petition - CD
Lewis R-1 Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837, 1st Edition - 3 Volumes CD
Maher R-1 Returning Home: Transatlantic Migration from North America to Britain & Ireland 1858-1870 CD
R-1 1881 British Census and National Index - England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Royal Navy CD
R-1 Assorted FTM World Family Trees CD
R-1 Census Index: Massachusetts 1870 CD
R-1 Census Index: New England 1900 CD
R-1 Irish Church Records
Bardon R-2 A Guide to Local History Sources in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
Black R-2 Your Irish Ancestors
Charbonneau R-2 1847 Grosse Ile - A Record of Daily Events
Charbonneau R-2 A Register of Deceased Persons at Sea and On Grosse Ile in 1847
de Breffny R-2 Irish Family Names, Arms, Origins and Locations
Dickson R-2 Ulster Emigration to Colonial America, 1718 - 1775
Hollett R-2 Passage to the New World - Packet Ships and Irish Famine Emigrants, 1845 - 1851
Lindberg R-2 Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research - 3rd Edition
MacLysaght R-2 Irish Families - Their Names, Arms and Origins
McTernan R-2 At the Foot of Knocknarea - A Chronicle of Coolera in By Gone Days
Melnyk R-2 Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research - 4th Edition
Mitchell R-2 A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards
O'Laughlin R-2 The Complete Book for Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
O'Riain R-2 Townlands of Leinster
Paludeine R-2 Land of the Free - A Journey to the American Dream
Reilly R-2 Richard Griffith and His Valuation of Ireland
R-2 Ancestry's Red Book - American State, County & Town Sources
R-2 Directory of Parish Registers Indexed in Ireland - Issue No. 1, 1992
R-2 Directory of Parish Registers Indexed in Ireland - Third Edition, 1997
R-2 Ordnance Survey Road Atlas of Ireland
R-2 St. Patrick's, Kilkenny - Gravestone Inscriptions
Casey R2&4 O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater, Ireland - Volumes 1 through 15
Baxter R-3 In Search of Your British & Irish Roots
O'Keeffe R-3 The Search for Missing Friends - Volumes 1 through 7
Ryan R-3 Irish Records - Sources for Family and Local History
Crisp R-4 Visitation of Ireland - Six Volumes in One
Handran R-4 Townlands in Poor Law Unions
O'Brien R-4 Irish Settlers in America - Volume I
O'Brien R-4 Irish Settlers in America - Volume II
O'Brien R-4 Old New York - The Irish Dead in Trinity & St. Paul's Churchyard
O'Hart R-4 Irish Pedigrees - Volume 1 & 2 - 5th Edition
Bradford R-5 A History of the Moher Family (local family genealogy - unpublished)
Alder R-6 Tracking Down Your Ancestors
Bridgeman R-6 Epitaphs from Copp's Hill Burial Ground, Boston
Callahan R-6 The Green Square Mile (Book & CD)
Crandall R-6 Shaking Your Family Tree
Durning R-6 A Guide to Irish Roots, Including Celts, Vikings, Normans, Kings, Queens and Commoners
Ellis R-6 Emigrants From Ireland 1847 - 1852, State Aided Emigration Schemes from Crown Estates in Ireland
Fippen R-6 1798 Direct Tax - New Hampshire District #13
Gouldrup R-6 Writing the Family Narrative
Greenwood R-6 The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy - 2nd Edition
Grehan R-6 The Dictionary of Irish Family Names
James R-6 Scottish Roots
Lambert R-6 A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries
McCarthy R-6 The Irish Roots Guide
Mitchell R-6 A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland  1st Edtion
NEHGS R-6 The Irish in New England
O'Brien R-6 Pioneer Irish in New England
O'Connor R-6 The Workhouses of Ireland
Pierce R-6 The Stones Speak - Irish Place Names from Inscriptions in Boston's Mt. Calvary Cemetery
Polking R-6 Writing Family Histories and Memoirs
Silinonte R-6 Tombstones of the Irish Born - Cemetery of the Holy Cross - Flatbush, Brooklyn
Solomon R-6 Ancestors and Immigrants - A Changing New England Tradition
Ward R-6 What to do with your roots - Now that you've dug them up
Whitehill R-6 Boston - A Topographical History
Whyte R-6 Famine Ship Diary 1847
Wright R-6 Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts, Southern Counties 1825 - 1829, Volume 6
R-6 Irish Catholic Directory, 1925
R-6 The Irish - New Ireland in the Gulf of St. Lawrence - The Abegweit Review, Volumes 1, 2 & 3
R-6 The Irish Root Guide
Clein R-6? History of the New York Central (Railway) System
Bergen R-7 Old Boston in Early in Early Photographs
Grehan R-7 Irish Family Histories
Hiltz R-7 How To Find Your Own Roots
O'Lochlainn R-7 The Book of Irish Families Great & Small
R-7 The Annuls of Ireland By the Four Masters - Volumes 1 through 7 - Third Edition
Barber R-8 The Prendergast Letters - Correspondence From Famine Era Ireland, 1840 - 1850
Begley R-8 The Ancestor Trail in Ireland
Bonney R-8 My Scituate - Forgotten Facts, Places, Events and People
Cerny R-8 Ancestry's Guide To Research - Case Studies in American Genealogy
Coglin R-8 Book of Irish Names - First, Family and Place Names
Collins R-8 Keepers of the Light - The Cantwells of Cape Spear, Newfoundland, A Family History
Corry R-8 Golden Clan - The Murray's, The McDonald's and the Irish American Aristocracy
Evans R-8 Aspects of Irish Genealogy II
Grehan R-8 Clans and Families of Ireland
Grenham R-8 Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, 3rd Edition
Hickey R-8 Going to Ireland - A Genealogical Researcher's Guide
Holden R-8 Holden's Census Substitutes - 1821 Families, Arran Parish, Co. Galway
Keating R-8 Keating's History of Ireland - Volume 1, 2, & 3
Kilfoil R-8 Johnville - The Centennial Story of an Irish Settlement (N.B. Canada)
MacLysaght R-8 The Surnames of Ireland
Miller R-8 Reference Book of Ireland
Mills R-8 Calendar of the Gormanston Register - Circa 1175 - 1397
Mitchell R-8 Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy
Murphy R-8 Irish Mossers and Scituate Harbour Village
O'Brien R-8 The McCarthy's in Early American History
O'Connell R-8 The O'Connell Family of Massachusetts
O'Connor R-8 Tracing Your Kerry Ancestors
O'Kane R-8 Heather, Peat & Stone - The Parishes and Townlands of Tyrone
O'Reilly R-8 The History of Breifne O'Reilly
Reeves R-8 Ellis Island - Gateway to the American Dream
Rushe R-8 History of Monaghan For Two Hundred Years 1660 - 1860
Shannon R-8 Where Green is Worn - Shannon, Quebec, Canada
Swezey R-8 The MacKenna's of Truagh
Virkus R-8 The Handbook of American Genealogy
Wood R-8 Our People Are On the Rock - Gravestone Inscriptions from St. Patrick's Rock, Cashel, St. Dominic's Abby, St. Mary's Abby, Hore Abby
Wootton R-8 The DuBedat Story - Killiney to Kommetjie
R-8 Aspects of Irish Genealogy
R-8 Handbook on Irish Genealogy - How to Trace Your Ancestors and Relatives in Ireland
R-8 Monuments, Milestones and Memories - Journal of the Killorglin History and Folklore Society
Allen R-9 First Steps in Genealogy
Barnes R-9 Write It Right - A Manual for Writing Family Histories and Genealogies
Begley R-9 Irish Genealogy - A Record Finder
Concannon R-9 Irish American Who's Who
Doane R-9 Searching For Your Ancestors
Dolan R-9 Land War and Eviction in Derryveagh, 1840 - 1865
Flanagan R-9 Irish Place Names
McGivern R-9 Your Name and Coat of Arms
Murray R-9 Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society, Vol. 1 - 1898
NARA R-9 The 1920 Federal Population Census - Catalog of National Archives Microfilm
NARA R-9 US Federal Population Censuses 1790 - 1890
NGS R-9 The National Genealogical Society 2000 NGS Conference - New England
O'Laughlin R-9 Families of County Clare, Ireland
O'Laughlin R-9 Families of County Cork, Ireland
O'Laughlin R-9 Families of County Kerry, Ireland
O'Laughlin R-9 Families of County Limerick, Ireland
O'Mahony R-9 Baltimore, A Perspective
O'Neill R-9 Irish Libraries, Archives, Museums & Genealogy Centre's
Pine R-9 Heraldry and Genealogy
Williams R-9 Know Your Ancestors - A Guide to Genealogical Research
Woulfe R-9 Irish Names and Surnames
R-9 General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland
R-9 Historical Sketches of the Parish of Tynan & Middletown
R-9 Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
R-9 Keady in the 40's - November Keady Fair